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  • Light-Based Deep Brain Stimulation Relieves Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

    Fast-acting, light-reactive genetic tools could reveal how deep brain stimulation works

  • The Grill Lab


Our activities include design and testing of electrodes and methods for electrical stimulation, development and application of computational approaches to study neural stimulation, and physiological and translational studies of neural control. Our activities span a range of approaches from computational modeling of single cells and interconnected networks, to preclinical in vivo studies, through translation to clinical feasibility studies in humans.

Current research projects include:

  • Deep Brain (DBS): mechanisms of action; technology development; closed-loop control

  • Peripheral Nerve (PNS): recording and stimulation for control of bladder function including restoration of continence and emptying

  • Spinal Cord (SCS): mechanisms of action; technology development

  • Transcranial Magnetic (TMS): experimental studies to determine the effects of TMS on individual neurons

  • Vagus Nerve (VNS): modeling and experimental studies to understand and control stimulation

We collaborate closely with physicians from gynecology and urology on our bladder control work, physicians from neurosurgery and neurology on our DBS work, and physicians from neurosurgery on our SCS work.