Em Abbott


Research Scientist

I earned my PhD at the University of California Irvine where my dissertation focused on adding tendon mechanics to the traditional study of muscle physiology. My curiosity of integrating multiple systems in the study of locomotion lead me to a postdoctoral appointment in the Physiology of Wearable Robotics (PoWeR) Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology. There I learned electrophysiology skills to measure how muscle structure affects mechanoreceptor response. With the aim of expanding my electrophysiology skill set to population-level recordings, I joined the lab of Michel Lemay and investigated how to re-engage locomotor centers after spinal cord injury at Temple University. Now in the Grill lab, I am excited to contribute my neuromechanics background to a team that innovates electrical stimulation therapies that have a direct impact on human health.  

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Research Interests

Bladder Function, Spinal Cord Injury