Valerie Tan


Undergraduate (2025)

I am a sophomore from Singapore majoring in Biomedical Engineering (BME) and minoring in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies with a concentration in Korean. The dream is to work in a biotech company for a couple of years after I graduate, particularly one that specializes in the development of neurological devices to treat or manage epilepsy, before pursuing a PhD in BME. My fascination with the brain started when some of my loved ones fell into the grips of a neurological disorder. In the process of trying to understand the physiological basis of the disorder, I realized that much of the brain is still shrouded in mystery. Neuroscience research held a strong allure because it posed an opportunity to unearth the answers to the countless questions lingering at the back of my mind. Outside of the lab, I enjoy writing. I wrote blogs for the Duke Gap Year program and have been writing opinion pieces for the Chronicle. Writing helps me to stay introspective and avoid becoming desensitized to the seemingly mundane things I experience every day as a Duke student. It is also my art form, my creative outlet. I have fun experimenting with different writing styles and relish the challenge of orchestrating my words and sentences into a cohesive symphony.

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Deep Brain Stimulation