Jim Hokanson

Research Scientist
Bladder Function

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I’m interested in designing devices to interface with the nervous system, particularly the peripheral/autonomic nervous systems. I joined Warren's lab to focus on developing electrical stimulation therapies for people with lower urinary tract disorders such as overactive bladder. Given its simple function (holding then expelling urine), yet complex innervation, I think studying the lower urinary tract is an exciting entry point into understanding the neural control of the body’s internal organs. In addition to working on electrical stimulation therapies I've realized there is a large gap in our understanding of who benefits from current therapies. This lack of understanding directly impacts our ability to design novel therapies, as it is unclear whether a new therapy will only target people that are already benefiting from existing therapies, or which groups of people are non-responsive to all currently existing treatment options. I'm currently expanding my research into predictive modeling of treatment outcomes with the hope that this analyical approach will not only help patients find existing therapies that they would benefit from, but that this approach can also be used to speed up development of novel therapies as well.